2. Healthy ears.  Many dog breeds need to have the hair plucked from inside their ears.  Hairs trap debris, moisture, and ear wax inside the ear, which leads to infection.

3. Healthy teeth.  80% of dogs get periodontal disease, an infection which can spread throughout a dog's body.  Bad teeth hurt your dog's ability to chew, and poorly chewed food means poor digestion.

4. No matted fur.  All dogs can get matted, especially dogs with an undercoat.  When dogs with undercoat shed, the dead hairs can get tangled in the living coat and create mats, unless brushed out.  Matted fur sits against the skin, trapping moisture and leading to skin sores and other skin problems.  Your dog's skin and coat need to breathe, and they can't breathe when they're covered in dirt and dander.

5. Sparkly eyes.  If the hair isn't trimmed around your dog's eyes, it can become a constant irritation, and eventually a health hazard.


How often you groom your dog should depend on how you like his or her fur cut, how fast it grows, and how much upkeep you as the owner do at home (bathing, brushing and combing). Each animal has unique needs.  We recommend that most dogs be groomed every 4-8 weeks.

we stand behind our product choices

We are a small business.  You have other options.

But we attract the continued patronage of our customers by offering something that chain pet stores do not: Quality.

At Animal Hut, we only stock foods that are natural, including grain free and wheat/corn/soy free recipes.  We only carry items that we believe to be of quality craftsmanship.  Our prices are comparable to, if not lower than, chain pet stores.  Shop local, and see the difference!



we reward our loyal customers


Animal Hut knows that good consumers who make well-informed choices can truly change their market for the better.  In our case, that market is the care and well-being of our beloved pets; and that is very important.  That's why we constantly look for ways to reward our customers; the discerning members of a pet-loving community.


Preferred Pets Program (PPP) began in January 2014.  The program works by rewarding dogs and cats who come in for full grooms 6 times in a year, which is every eight weeks.  The client receives a punch card with their pet's name and the date which the card was received; every time they come in for grooming, we punch a hole in the PPP card.  After the goal is met, we reward our client with 50% off the basic grooming fee for their seventh grooming visit.  It's that easy, and we are still making good on our promise!


As of May 2015 our new loyalty program began.  All grooming customers are given a punch card with 12 white paws, and every full groom earns you one paw punch.  There is no time limit; after all 12 paws, customers receive $10 off of their next grooming fee.  Ask us about it when you stop in!

all about us


We have a lot of experience.

Animal Hut opened it's doors on May 1, 1989.  We have been proudly serving pets and their owners in Penn Hills and surrounding communities ever since.  WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PETS and your needs.  Our groomers are experienced and knowledgeable.  We are always happy to answer your questions and give suggestions on issues you may be experiencing with your pets.  

Clean, well-groomed pets are healthy pets.

A complete grooming does more than make your pet look pretty and smell fresh.  The health benefits for well-groomed animals are:


1. Nails cut more often.  Long nails can lead to feet deformity, and to extended quick growth; once the quicks are long, the nails can't be cut short again.