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That is our in-stock selection.  We will gladly special order other recipes, specialty lines and sizes that these companies make.  Special order items will be priced using the same guidelines as our in-stock items.  To browse these product lines and to view nutritional information, check out the manufacturer websites:

Blue Buffalo

Diamond Fromm


Taste of the Wild





Nutrisource Pure Vita:




Our treat selection includes:

Fruitables:  [DOG]

Greenies:  [DOG and CAT]

Merrick:  [DOG]

Nature's Animal:

Nutro Natural Choice:  [DOG]

Red Barn:  [DOG]

Wholesome Hide:  [DOG]

Zukes:  [DOG and CAT]



inside our retail store

Our retail store stocks a variety of items for your dog and cat's needs.  We always stock all-natural food and treats, as well as toys, flea products, grooming products, health products, crates, and pet beds.  We have free samples of our in-stock foods available in-store, for your convenience.  Animal Hut food brands include:




Nutrisource: Adult, Small and Medium Breed Puppy, Senior, Weight Management [DOG] and Cat& Kitten [CAT]

Nutrisource Pure Vita: Chicken and Brown Rice, Salmon and Potato, Salmon, Sweet Potato and Berries GF, Turkey, Sweet Potato and Peas GF [DOG] and Chicken Entree GF and Salmon Entree GF [CAT]

Merrick:  Classic Lamb and Brown Rice, Classic Chicken and Brown Rice, Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato GF and Real Chicken and Sweet Potato GF [DOG]

Merrick Cans: Turducken, Grannie's Pot Pie, Cowboy Cookout, Venison Holiday Stew, Brauts n' Tots, Puppy Plate, Senior Medley and various limited-time recipes [DOG]


Weruva BFF: Tuna and Turkey GF , Tuna and Lamb GF, Tuna and Duck GF, Tuna and Chicken GF, Tuna and Beef GF, and Tuna and Salmon GF [CAT]


*"GF" Indicates Grain Free recipes.



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