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grooming gallery:  dogs and cats groomed at animal hut

grooming at animal hut

We want to offer you grooming services that are custom tailored to your needs, and your animal's needs.  Whether you are walking into our salon for the first time, or you've been a customer for all 25 years, there is an art to organizing, scheduling, and styling your dog or cat's grooming needs. When you select a pet to buy or adopt, do you consider how much effort you will have to put into grooming and upkeep?  How soon should your puppy have his hair cut?  Do you know how often to have your pet groomed as an adult, or which styles require frequence cuts?  We do!   Animal Hut offers FREE grooming consultations with owner and professional groomer Renee Lauer, by appointment only.  Grooming consultations help you:


- Decide on a cut/style for grooming.

- Choose a grooming schedule.

- Select shampoo or conditioning treatments to suit your pet's needs.

- Get advice on at-home maintenance, such as combing, brushing, nail cuts, and teeth brushing.

- Talk cost, and receive a price estimate based on assessment of your animal's coat.



community news

We're a community-driven business, so we get pretty excited when we get to interact with our neighbors in Penn Hills, Plum, Holiday Park and Monroeville.  Here is where we will post events in our community, or media news relating to our store or grooming.  


August 8, 2014

We've found a wonderful website for dog owners, and pet-lovers of all types.  It's called Pittsburgh Dogs, and you can find information on breeders, rescues, events, training, and so much more; all within the Pittsburgh area.  Check them out!







July 16, 2014

"Where's the Beef?  Why your dog should never eat another Milk-Bone or Beggin Strip"

We really enjoyed this article.  A good educational piece about dangerous chemicals used by big name, mass-producing dog food companies.


April 23, 2014

"Pooches and Persistence:  Penn Hills Animal Hut marks 25 years"

Here's an article from the Penn Hills Progress about our store's recent 25th Anniversary events.


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