25th Anniversary Grooming Raffle

May 1 marks our 25th year as your neighborhood grooming salon. Since it's our "silver anniversary", we wanted a way to celebrate and give stuff away to our customers. What better way than to raffle off a completely free grooming package? That's what we're the best at, so here's how it works:

Any time between now and May 1 when you come in to Animal Hut and spend $10 or more in retail, you get a raffle ticket. This means $10 of any stuff that we sell in the store or have ordered for you, and doesn't include grooming or nail cuts. You fill out the raffle ticket in our store and we put it in the raffle bin. It's that easy. It's chance to win a free grooming for your dog or cat by shopping for things you already needed!

We will draw the winning ticket on the day of our anniversary. And don't worry; if you were here and qualified for a ticket but forgot to get one, we already put one in the bin with your name on it. We will post a picture of the winning dog or cat with his pretty new haircut on here in May.

Good luck!


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