Animal Hut Photo Contest

If you pick up your cell phone and scroll through your photos, how long will it take to find a snapshot of your furball? My guess is less than five pictures; animal lovers just can't resist capturing a funny play session, or a cute sleeping face. Now Animal Hut wants to see your photos, be it at home, in the car, or outside having adventures.

Here is how the photo contest works:

1. You go through your pet photos and pick a favorite. One submission per pet family, please.

2. Email your submission to, and indicate in the subject line that you are submitting a photo for consideration in the 2017 Photo Contest. You MUST submit via email. Please include your pet's name.

3. The Animal Hut staff will upload your photo submissions to a photo album on our Facebook account, Animal Hut Pittsburgh. If you don't already follow us on Facebook, click here.

4. Once your photo has been uploaded (we will check for email submissions during business hours, Tuesday through Saturday), invite, encourage, and pester your friends into visiting the Photo Contest gallery and clicking on your pet's picture. To vote for your pet, they can "like" your photo. Visitors can vote for several different pets, but they can only like each photo once.

The contest ends on February 11,2017 at 4:00 PM. You can enter right now! The pet with the most likes will win a $25 gift certificate for grooming at Animal Hut, and the winning photo will be featured as the profile picture on our Facebook page.

A month of fame awaits you: start searching for your favorite photo today!

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