Understanding Pet Nutrition

Saturday July 12, 2014 we held a free educational seminar in our store to talk to our clients and neighbors about choosing the right kind of nutrition for their dogs and cats. We also covered topics like the importance of guaranteed analysis, reading labels, allergies, grain free foods, and ingredients to avoid. It was a wonderful experience for me to get to talk to dog and cat owners who shared their experiences with me, and I wanted to make a few documents available for download to others who might be interested but missed out on the seminar.

Here is the handout that I gave to folks who attended; it's the highlights of the seminar.

Here is an article that I refered to during the seminar called "Where's the Beef? Why your dog should never eat another Milk-Bone or Beggin Strip". It's from petdailypress.com (I did not write this) and is full of great information.

And finally, here are my notes. These are my typed notes from the research I've done as of recent, for anybody who wants to read in detail or see my sources. The links for articles on Ethoxyquin, for AAFCO standards, and DogFoodAdvisor.com's list of recommended grain-free foods are included in this document.

Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar and made it so worthwhile. As always, if anyone has questions they can email us at animalhut1@verizon.net or come and talk to me between 10-4:00 Tuesday through Saturday.


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