New Product Picks for Fall 2018

This summer, Animal Hut has introduced some great new items to our store that we think you’re really going to love. It is the foundation of our business to select items that we would use ourselves: natural foods and health products, sturdy toys, and pet products made by manufacturers that we like and trust. While we have a great line of products that are tried-and-true, we always keep an eye open for great new finds. Since we have so many new products available, here is a brief highlight to bring you up to speed:

Foods and Treats

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews- No-Hides are similar in structure and appearance to a rolled rawhide chew, except they are NOT made of the hide (skin) of a cow. Instead, they are crafted from meat, eggs, and other natural ingredients into a hard chew that keeps dogs entertained and cleans their teeth. No-Hides are made from animals humanely raised in the U.S. and are manufactured in Lancaster County, PA.

Real Meat Jerky - Real Meat Jerky is simply a wholesome jerky product. Real Meat commits to using 95% meat in all of their products, limiting the other ingredients to natural flavors and preservatives. The manufacturers use only free-range animal meats with no added hormones, exactly what your pet craves for a snack.

Loving Pets Totally Grainless Sausage - If your dog prefers a softer treat, or is a senior dog with less of a drive to chew, these sausage bites are the treat they need. Totally Grainless Sausages are made without the cheap fillers (wheat, corn soy, rice) that you would find in a cheaper dog treat, while still being tasty and affordable.

Wild Meadow Farms Gibson’s Treats - Gibson’s Treats are a soft jerky treat made without grains, only high quality ingredients: all ingredients, including the meat and the packaging, is made entirely in the U.S.A. That’s a commitment we gladly support! Gibson’s Treats were designed for a senior, picky-eater dog and might just do the trick if you have a stubborn dog too!

If you like the Wild Meadow Farms high quality treat philosophy, we also carry Lancaster Meat Co. Mini Meatballs, a bite size treat from the same manufacturer. Check out both products the next time you visit!

Health Products & Supplements

inClover Connectin - Connectin is a hip and joint support supplement designed for dogs, cats, and horses and its efficacy is backed by independent research. We are currently selling Connectin powder and soft chews, which are easier to administer than pills! The Connectin formula includes not only glucosamine and chondroitin but also a blend of medicinal herbs that support the tissue and cartilage health of your pet’s joints. It is never too early to start supplementing, especially for very large breeds of dogs; the healthier a dog’s joints are to begin with, the longer it will take for old age wear-and-tear to limit a senior dog’s mobility.

Grizzly Salmon Oil - Salmon oil is a great addition to your pet’s food: it provides bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and the rich taste and smell of salmon (the dogs love as well as cats!). Grizzly brand stands apart in their commitment to sustainability. Grizzly Salmon Oil is made as a co-product from wild-caught fish already destined for human consumption, meaning they don’t kill fish just for oil and they don’t use any factory-farmed fish. Your pet needs omega-3 fats to be healthy, inside and out!

Coco Therapy - Coconut oil is another great additive to your pet’s diet. Coconuts are naturally rich in medium-chain fatty acids, an essential nutrient for overall health. Coco Therapy produces a high quality oil that is organic, and cold-pressed (meaning that none of it’s nutrients are damaged by heat). Coco Therapy is a human grade product, so you can share it with your whole family!

Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Chews - Vet’s Best makes these holistic chewy “treats” for an easy way to give your pet relief from seasonal allergy symptoms. If your dog chews his paws, has a constant ear itch, or sneezes all summer long, these allergy chews can help normalize histamine levels naturally without the hassle of (expensive) veterinary prescriptions.

Doggy Lifestyle:

Pet ID Tuub - We think that these fillable “tuubs” are a neat idea! Rather than having an engraved dog tag that will eventually wear down or have to be replaced when you move or get a new phone number, these tiny metal capsules hold a piece of paper with your information on it! Don’t worry about the paper getting damaged; these tuubs are even waterproof. Consider it a stylish and less costly way to identify your pet in the case of an emergency.

Go Dog Toys - Animal hut has been selling Go Dog toys for a while now, but we are always getting new designs in stock! Go Dog has a wide array of colorful, squeaky, and incredibly tough toys for you to choose from. They even have a manufacturer guarantee that a Go Dog toy will outlast your tough-chewing dog for a month. Worldwise, the company which makes Go Dog and Hear Doggy toys (we sell those too!) commits to using eco-friendly, sustainable, and recycled components as much as possible in their toys.

MyPlace Beds - These excellent pet beds come from our distributor Lads, a company that we have worked with and trusted for many years. My Place beds are a good way to provide comfort inside a crate or on a bare floor, with the added convenience of being completely machine-washable.

If you like the sound of these products, please check out the link to the manufacturer website embedded in each description for more information. Better yet, stop in at Animal Hut! Our employees are using these products on their own pets, and we have heard good things about them from our customers. We are always hoping to help a pet owner find a great product to enrich their dog or cat’s life, and create well-being that will last a lifetime. If you have any suggestions for products that you want to see us stock, or special order for you, let us know by leaving a comment on the “Contact Us” page of this website, or telling us in person.

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